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Why Is In-Home Healthcare Becoming The Future Of Healthcare System

In-home healthcare is creating a lot of buzz among people these days. In-home care agencies are the non-medical agencies that extend their services in the place of residence of the consumer. The concept of in-home healthcare works on the goal of allowing the consumer to stay safe and comfortable in their residence and continuing living independently while making the most of the medical care. 


In general, in-home healthcare services include skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, specialized use of medical equipment, personal healthcare-related services, etc. However, some in-home care programs such as CDPAP by Freedomcare also include non-medical care administered to the consumer. 


CDPAP or Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program lets the consumer choose a caregiver to further assist them in their healthcare and activities related to daily living. The consumers requiring these services can be anyone – seniors, individuals suffering from any terminal illness or physical disability. 


In-home healthcare is a unique concept involving a suitable care setting according to the needs of the consumer. This approach is touted as a less expensive, more convenient, and effective program when compared to the care administered in a skilled nursing facility or hospital. This program aims to fulfill the following objectives:


  • In-home healthcare aims to treat the illness or injury of the consumer. 
  • As everything happens within the setting of their own residence, it helps the consumer regain independence. 
  • The homely environment also helps speed up the healing process in case the consumer is suffering from any chronic illness. 
  • The caregiver tends to assist the consumer in daily activities, thereby making them self-sufficient. 


Is in-home healthcare the future of healthcare? 


The increasing popularity of in-home healthcare programs such as the Consumers Directed Personal Assistance Program and others is changing the entire healthcare dynamics at many places. This concept has outshined nursing homes and assisted living facilities because of which it is perceived as the future of healthcare facilities. 


Various circumstances can lead to needing health services within a consumer’s home. The factors such as long-term illness, injury, and others need to be addressed. Along with this, other situations, too, may require the consumer to take assistance from any skilled home health care program. Some in-home healthcare services combine both medical assistance and personal care in one, thereby offering two-fold convenience to the consumer and saving their expenses. 


Additional services included within in-home healthcare programs: 


When you enroll in any in-home healthcare program such as CDPAP, you can make the most of the following additional services: 


  • Personal Care: 

Personal care refers to taking care of the health and personal hygiene of a consumer-like bathing them, helping them walk, planning their diet plan, etc. 


  • Meal preparation: 

When you choose a caregiver under CDPAP, they also offer you services such as preparation of breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending upon their hours of operation. 


  • Companionship: 

CDPAP allows the consumer to choose a caregiver from their friends and family members (except a few). Thus, you get to enjoy the companionship of your own people. This factor doesn’t make you feel lonely. 


  • Transportation: 

You don’t have to worry if you have enrolled in CDPAP and don’t know how to drive. This specialized program offers transportation wherein your caregiver can drive for you to continue daily activities like grocery shopping. 


  • Light housekeeping: 

The caregiver takes charge of cleaning your home and showcases their light housekeeping skills such as dusting the furniture, mopping the floor, cleaning the kitchen countertop, etc. 


  • Medication reminders: 

Rest assured about your medication. When you hire a caregiver under an in-home healthcare program like CDPAP, you get to enjoy an added benefit of an on-time medication. 




Choosing an in-home healthcare program over any other facility keeps you sane. It gives you much-needed peace of mind during your recovery and lets you enjoy the comfort of your home. Find a suitable in-home healthcare program for you and make the most of it. 


Source: La Mesa Currier

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