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4 Tips to Help You Host an Amazing Virtual Wedding

You and your newly-minted fiancé could not be any more excited to get married. He recently proposed during a moonlight stroll, and you eagerly said “yes.” Now, you’re starting the wedding planning process and have quickly realized that, due to COVID-19, a virtual wedding will be the best option.

Here’s some great news: A virtual wedding can still be romantic, memorable, and beautiful — and the following tips will definitely help achieve it:

1. Create a Wedding Website

To keep all invited guests updated on your virtual wedding plans, including what types of streaming services they can use to see you say, “I do,” it’s wise to create a wedding website. Now, don’t worry if you and your sweetie aren’t computer-savvy, as Minted offers free wedding website templates designed by independent artists. Your custom website can be updated as needed with all the pertinent information, as well as photos and links for guests to be able to stream the ceremony.

2. Check the Legalities in Your State

Well before your virtual wedding, check the laws in your state to ensure you’re doing everything you need for your virtual wedding to be deemed legal. Unfortunately, not all states recognize virtual weddings. If that’s the case, contact the county clerk’s office for other options. Remember too that your virtual wedding can be more of a celebration versus a traditional ceremony. To that end, you could decide to get married at a local courthouse and then hold the virtual wedding as planned to give friends and family the chance to see you say, “I do.”

3. Prepare the Wedding “Venue” and Equipment

Chances are the two of you already own several devices with screens, so start by choosing the ones that have the best quality cameras and the longest battery life. You might also want to buy a tripod and microphone so that your guests will see and hear everything without any issues. After getting your equipment ready, choose where you want to hold your virtual wedding. Wait until the time of day that your ceremony will take place and then check out the natural lighting in the room of your home, patio, or other location where you plan to get married to ensure it will look great. Once you choose your space, start planning how you want to decorate it with a backdrop, flowers, an archway, or whatever you wish.

4. Have a Virtual Wedding Party

Since the day she was born, you’ve wanted your young niece to be your flower girl. Even though you’re planning a virtual ceremony, you can still have a wedding party. Your niece can dress up in a lovely dress and walk down an “aisle” in her home tossing flower petals along the way, and you can have attendants standing with you during the ceremony. You’ll just have to be sure that each member of your wedding party has a device to record them for the ceremony, and you’ll definitely want to have a test run or two with everyone prior to your big day.

In Spite of the Setting, Your Big Day Will Be Lovely

You don’t have to get married in a church filled with people to have an incredible wedding you’ll remember forever. Indeed, a virtual wedding can be just as lovely, and you may find that even more people are able to attend. By doing plenty of advanced planning and keeping guests updated through your wedding website, your special day will go off without a hitch and be quite meaningful to all involved.


Source: La Mesa Currier

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