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Neighborhoods in La Mesa

Neighborhoods in La Mesa

Small places like this don’t do the whole neighborhood thing the way you expect from larger places like Los Angeles. Here they are more city designations for voting and real estate matters.

Calavo Gardens and Grandview:
This is an older and more established section of La Mesa. Many residents have likely lived here for five or more years. This is where you will find doctors, lawyers, executives and professors at the peak of their careers. It’s a more expensive area overall but there are a fair number of rentals available and you can normally get a pretty good deal on them. $$$$$

Mount Helix:
While many of the homes here are older, there are also newer townhouses and apartment buildings in this area as well. This is an upper income area, but to put it into perspective, you will find lawyers here that are junior partners. There are also quite a few doctors and IT people in this neighborhood.$$$$

This area is primarily comprised of older large homes that were converted into smaller apartments. The conversion was well done and the homes are great, with all the modern touches you could want. You will find a lot of government workers here, as well as some active duty military, but mostly local city government workers. $$$

Gateside and Lake Murray:
College students especially love this section of La Mesa. Interestingly, the rents are still reasonable even though many areas popular with college students are the opposite. The noise level in this part of town gets a bit high but nothing that shutting your windows can’t fix. $$$

University:This is about middle of the road for La Mesa. It’s about average on rents, average on income and average on people. Most of the people living here are middle income professionals with children. The schools are great and that is a big attraction. There are quite a few vacancies here so if you have kids be sure to give it a look. If you are single and looking for someplace with action, keep looking. This is a nice quiet neighborhood.$$$

Cowles Mountain:If you are looking for a great place to raise a family and happen to be an IT professional, this is the neighborhood for you. Many people who live here are in the tech industry. There are also quite a few other professionals, namely doctors and lawyers, who are just starting out and and trying to pay off those pesky student loans. Plenty of vacancies here: the rate is the highest in La Mesa. You should have your pick of places so enjoy the hunt.$$

City Center:Older homes dominate this part of La Mesa. This is a hotbed of retired professionals, as well as young families just starting out. It’s quiet, safe and the schools are good. Plenty of rentals here and most fall in the 2-3 bedroom range so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a place that fits you and your family.$

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