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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos doesn’t care about you beyond “La Mesa as a region”

It’s hard to imagine a community without small businesses. The very life blood of our communities that providing us with goods and services that may not be available online or at all anywhere else. These are the people in the neighborhood, they pay taxes and support our schools along side all of us. BUY LOCAL LA MESA means more to the stability of our city then ever before. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, doesn’t care about you beyond “La Mesa as a region” and the sales executed within it. The lower prices, though attractive, really speak to shutting down local businesses and leaving us with a single channel which simply is NOT sustainable.

Do you run a business in La Mesa California?
Users that run businesses in La Mesa are invited to add a marker to our business map. This will help people find you only and know what business resources are quickly available to them from local companies. Buy Local and support your community.

Title Category Address Description
Postal AnnexShop8030 La Mesa Boulevard, La Mesa, CA, USAShipping, notary, packing supplies
EmbroidMe-LaMesaStore7018 University Avenue, La Mesa, CA, USA

EmbroidMe of La Mesa, CA has everything you need to help you make your mark, establish your brand, and create recognition. Your company’s brand can be its greatest asset, and there’s no better way to increase its value than boosting awareness. EmbroidMe specializes in helping businesses manage and market their brands through graphic art design services, custom embroidery, garment printing and a wide variety of promotional products.

The Regal Bar8344 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA, USA
BO-beau kitchen + garden8384 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA, USAThe food was excellent, the service was great. I highly recommend trying their vegetarian burger. Hands down the best vegetarian burger I have ever had. The fries left something to be desired. They were good, but I'm not a fan of shoestring French fries. The salmon was well seasoned, cooked to perfection, and amazingly delicious
Gym Identity Personal TrainingHigh St, La Mesa, CA, USA

Gym Identity
We find you the perfect personal trainer in your area. Give us a try and find out why people love our service Click and discover your Gym Identity

The La Mesa Chamber of Commerce8080 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA, USADoing business in La Mesa, join the chamber

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