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$90K in iPads Stolen from Poway Elementary School

Tierra Bonita Elementary in Poway had 172 iPads stolen last week, totaling $90,000 in losses.

It should be noted that Apple iPads in our schools used in the course of educating our children is not really proven in full and many regard it as a distraction especially at the elementary school level. Despite this, it is terrible that someone would steal this equipment from a school when schools are in dire need of fund for materials and facilities nationwide. The iPad, in general, is the greatest consumer keeping-up-with-the-Jones fraud perpetrated against middle class Americans in the last 2 decades.

The school’s library and 11 classrooms were broken into sometime during the night of July 18 and the morning of July 19.

“What kind of person would steal from school children? Shame on you,” Poway Unified School District representative Christine Paik told NBC 7.

Paik believed the thieves scaled a wall and climbed onto the roof in order to enter the school.

Thursday morning when staff arrived on campus, they saw one of the entry gates open and a rolling cart in the parking lot. They knew something was wrong.

At that point, staff entered the building and saw damages from the break-in.

“Our students are one-to-one with iPads,” Paik said, “So, whoever targeted that school, I think they knew what they were going out for.”

Tierra Bonita Elementary is an Apple Distinguished School, which means iPads and other Apple products are heavily used in the school’s curriculum.

Selling out to the Man I guess. What about basic reading and writing skills? You’re dumbing down America under the auspices of a brand label. I don’t get it.

“We’re going to have a lot of disappointed students if they don’t have these tools when the school year begins,” Paik said.

The tools are wrapped around a curriculum developed express to support the device, how much more integrated can a school become with a computing device maker. I’m not sure I agree with this at all.

Tierra Bonita Elementary starts school August 22.

Paik noted that school foundations and parents helped raise the money for these iPads and other technologies for the school.

“This is the community’s money. This is our taxpayers’ money. And these things belong to our children,” said Paik.

Did you know some of the most prominent silicone valley schools that educate the disruptors of industries and economies avoid technology at this age intentionally because it’s a DISTRACTION!!!!

No injuries were reported, Tierra Bonita Elementary Principal Mandy Bedard said in a Facebook post.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (SDSO) is overseeing the investigation, but in the meantime, the Poway Unified School District asked the community to be on alert for the iPads.

SDSO Lt. Karen Stubkjaer said deputies do not have any suspects at this time.

Lt. Stubkjaer said there was a similar string of iPad thefts in the county in 2013, and those suspects were arrested and prosecuted.

We sincerely hope the iPads are found. Despite our feelings on technology in classrooms, this theft is a much bigger crime to the educational system. The article suggests that parents raised the money to purchase the equipment. It means that this school is well supported. Not all schools are. To steal from a school should carry higher penalties then standard theft regardless of whether it is well supported by its community or not.

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