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Letters to the Editor: Aug. 24, 2018

Library letters

Re: “Letters to the editor” [Volume 8, Issue 7 or]

I am so glad that Councilmember Guy McWhirter explained the money for the promised library was to be from the now-defunct redevelopment fund. I was not aware. However, this does not provide an out to dump an adequate library for our community.

The council does want new City Hall facilities and are trying to figure a way to finance it. City Hall is not used as much as the library by the community, in my opinion. As for council meetings, those could be held in a proper library facility. This would eliminate the need for a fancy town hall. City offices could be accommodated in upgraded existing facilities.

My idea is to tear down part of our existing city hall building to add onto the existing library. Perhaps add a second story to the old building for offices, if needed.

Libraries are of primary importance in this information-driven society. More than books, they are centers of culture and learning. To the financially challenged, they are a source to keep abreast. Education is key to everything. By having an inadequate library, we are depriving many of a lift upward and a source of continuing education for the rest of the community. Dr. McIvor (of the last issue) was right on about the importance of library to a community.

—Sharon Smith, La Mesa


Thank you

Re: “New concert series honors music aficionado” [Volume 8, Issue 7 or]

Just a quick note to thank you for carrying the article about the initial Valerie Victor concert. The folks at church were delighted!

By the way, the concert was great!

— Mary Mikkelson, La Mesa.

Source: La Mesa Currier

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