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Woman's Heartfelt Effort to Halt Distracted Driving

One part of North Park has become notorious for distracted driving.

Nearly 200 drivers have been cited for distracted driving at El Cajon Boulevard and 30th Street so far in 2019.

“I feel like I’ve made so many accommodations to protect myself. I just want drivers to follow the laws that are clearly out there for everybody’s safety,” said North Park resident Harmony Johnson.

A brain injury left Johnson using a wheelchair, and that’s her main form of transportation to get around town.

She told NBC 7 that every day that she’s out, her anxiety is through the roof because drivers are just not paying attention to pedestrians.

She said that she’s constantly worried — especially when she’s traveling with her young daughter.

“I’m not trying to attack people or say that they’re deliberately out there trying to run people over. However, there has to be a sense of accountability when you’re getting behind a wheel of a car because of how powerful they are,” Johnson said.

Texting on your cell phone while you’re driving is not only dangerous for yourself and everyone around you, it can also be pretty costly.

If authorities catch you, you’re looking at about a $150 ticket, and it just goes up from there.

Source: NBC San Diego

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