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Will the Driver Who Got Caught in an El Cajon Sinkhole Face Charges?

A massive sinkhole that was created after a water main broke beneath an El Cajon roadway swallowed a car whole Monday when the asphalt gave way.A pipe burst underneath the roadway near the intersection of N. Johnson Avenue and Vernon Way just before 8:30 p.m., the El Cajon Police Department (ECPD) said.Officers said they blocked off the road to traffic using police vehicles while Helix Water District worked to repair the main brake. Officers said that’s when a car driven by a woman went around the emergency vehicle barricade and proceeded to drive onto the roadway over the main brake. The ground was unstable and the weight of the car caused the asphalt to give way, ECPD said. A sinkhole was created and the car was sucked inside.Officers told NBC 7 on Wednesday that they have given citations to drivers in the past for being in violation of barricades. “Our officers will be practicing procedural justice in this case,” said Lieutenant Rob Ransweiler of the El Cajon Police Department. “Meaning she lost her car and that is punishment enough.”The woman who drove into the sinkhole was not injured, officers added. Thousands of gallons of water were sent rushing through the ground causing the sediment below the pavement to erode.Helix Water District said operations crews worked all night putting in a new 46 ft. stretch of pipe just south of the intersection of Johnson and Vernon. Helix Water District said the road will be opened again Wednesday afternoon. Photo Credit: NBC 7
Source: NBC San Diego

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