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Tin Roof Benefit Concert Honors Musician Who Fell From Pier

Friends and family came together Saturday to remember a 27-year-old local musician who fell off Crystal Pier last Sunday night.Tin Roof San Diego hosted the special night honoring Taylor “Tay” Watts, whose body still hasn’t been recovered.  CHP Cracks Down on Motorcyclists Doing Freeway Tricks Watts’ bandmates took the stage during the benefit concert. It was the first time they performed publicly without their third member.Instead, his lone guitar held his place. Bandmate Jake Coco tells NBC 7 they want to, “do our best to make sure he hears us wherever he’s at.”  Make-A-Wish Builds Skate Park for Kid With Blood Disease Coco says they contemplated playing on Saturday night, “We’ve been battling all week whether or not we should take the stage or not.” Finally deciding to take the stage to make Watts proud, “We’re going to do our best to go out and do what he would do,” Coco says. HS Play “Letters From The Wall” Gives Voice to Immigrants Tin Roof donated all cover fees to the family as well as a portion of bar sales as well.Assistant general manager Sierra Schneider tells NBC 7, “When Tay moved down here he really didn’t have anybody so he really relied on the Tin Roof employees to be his friends.” “I think it’s just the positivity that he had and the smile and I don’t think he had a bad bone in him,” says Schneider.Using his legacy to help them find closure, “the one piece of comfort that helped us all get through it is realizing the gigantic positive impact he had on a lot of people,” Coco said. Coco plans to carry on Taylor’s positivity and his life motto. “The only thing I think he would want me to say is – follow your dreams. I know its cliché and everyone says it, but he was the first person who showed me what it meant to really believe in that.” 
Source: NBC San Diego

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