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The Anti-Trump 'Resistance' Turns a Year Old — and Grows Up

The pink “pussy hat” is in a museum collection, protesters have left the airports and George Orwell’s “1984” has fallen back off the best-seller list.But the energy behind the anti-Donald Trump protests that exploded a year ago, which turned everything from T-shirts to yoga into a form of political “resistance,” has started to shape into a surprisingly sophisticated political force ahead of November’s midterm elections, NBC News reported. Former Classmate of Tortured Child Recalls Him as ‘Famished’ “Last year we marched and we resisted and we organized and now we’re going to bring that collective power to the polls,” said Bob Bland, co-chair of the Women’s March. “Moving into 2018, we need to look beyond just ‘resistance.'”This weekend, the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration and the massive Women’s March that followed, there will be more marches — 389 are planned around the world. But organizers this year are more focused on a new political effort dubbed PowerToThePolls, which aims to register 1 million voters and will kick off Sunday in Las Vegas. Blood Test to Detect 8 Cancers Early Gives Promising Results Photo Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images, File
Source: NBC San Diego

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