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Teen Killed on 405 Freeway Life Celebrated

A North County Community Church is celebrating the life of a teen who was killed in a car accident at the beginning of the month.

Bryce Houghton, 13, was killed in early April when a suspected drunk driver plowed into his family’s broken-down minivan on the 405 freeway in Fountain Valley.

The celebration of Bryce’s life was hosted at the Daybreak Church in Carlsbad where hundreds of people who were touched by him attended.

Bryce’s family tells NBC 7 that they want the community to remember Bryce for how he loved helping others.

“I loved Bryce, he was very nice to me and everyone else, and I hope people remember that,” said Mcleod Cornforth, Bryce’s best friend.

Bryce’s family said the teen dreamed of one day becoming a firefighter to help kids who suffer from burn injuries, as he suffered from a burn injury himself.

SDFD knew that and honored Bryce with his own helmet. They also inducted Bryce as an honorary firefighter into the department.

“Now he is a part of our family forever,” said Nima Biganeh, an engineer for SDFD.

His loved ones believe they will one day see Bryce again. Dad, Micheal Coughton, says his strength comes from seven years ago when Bryce suffered a burn injury and told his dad to sing him through the pain.

“I said Bryce do you want me to play some music, he is like no, then he says yeah, put on ‘I will Praise You’,” Said Coughton. “That’s how I have confidence, that is how I have strength.”

If you want to support the Houghton Family they have set up a GoFundMe page.

Source: NBC San Diego

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