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State grant addresses riverbed homeless needs

The city of Santee is one of the recipients of nearly $17 million in state funds to help individuals experiencing homelessness along the San Diego riverbed. The funds will be used to help them find more permanent housing and connect them with needed services.

“This grant is the result of the strong collaborations with our partners at the city of San Diego, city of Santee and Caltrans, and we are grateful for everyone’s efforts,” said Barbara Jiménez, County Community Operations Officer, in a statement. “With the funds, we’ll be able to provide safer, cleaner and healthier living conditions for our community members now living unhoused in the riverbed.”

Late last year, the State made $240 million in Encampment Resolution Fund grants available to local jurisdictions to help resolve encampments and get people into housing and services, reported the County News Center on June 14.

The County applied for that funding in collaboration with the city of San Diego, city of Santee and California Department of Transportation, and is getting $16,951,298.

The money, awarded to the County’s Department of Homeless Solutions & Equitable Communities, will help an estimated 300 people experiencing homelessness living along the San Diego riverbed. It will pay for interim and permanent housing subsidies as well as seven staff who will conduct focused collaborative outreach and coordinate services.

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