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Speeding Driver Smashes Into Parked Car on Garnet Avenue

A woman in Pacific Beach was counting her luck Friday night after coming outside to find her car smashed and in the middle of the sidewalk.Shayna Sands’ 2007 Toyota Corolla, affectionately named Lola, was parked along the 2240 block of Garnet Avenue when a suspected drunk driver lost control of his truck and hit it head-on. Rescued Sea Turtle Airlifted to SeaWorld for Rehabilitation Sands said that if she and her friends weren’t running late for their dinner plans, they could’ve been inside or nearby when it happened.”We came around the corner and saw this truck halfway on the sidewalk and a random Toyota on the sidewalk as well,” Sands said. “I recognized my diamond license plate on the back and that’s when I knew that Lola’s not making it.” Volunteers Count Homeless Residents in San Diego County By the time Sands came outside, police cars, fire trucks and even a helicopter were on the scene, as well as a giant crowd of people.Surveillance video from a nearby business shows the eastbound truck sideswipe two cars traveling in the opposite direction on Garnet Avenue before it lost control and hit Sands’ car. Friends Remember Local Firefighter Killed In State’s Largest Wildfire The impact from the collision spun the car 180 degrees and lifted it over a street curb and onto the walkway. A San Diego Police Department (SDPD) Sergeant parked a few blocks away said the collision was so loud he thought it happened right next to him.”I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason,” Sands said. “Clearly it does. Clearly. If I was just 10 minutes earlier, on time for our dinner, I don’t know if I’d be talking to you right now. I’m just really appreciative that we were late. I don’t say that too often.”Sands said she’s had Lola for about six years and was planning on getting a new car at some point, but not this soon.The driver of the truck had to be rescued from the wreck and was taken to the hospital with multiple leg fractures and a dislocated ankle, according to SDPD.Unfortunately for Sands and her friends, their dinner plans were shot. But when asked if they planned on salvaging the night somehow, she replied “We tend to.”Cheers to Lola.Photo Credit: NBC 7
Source: NBC San Diego

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