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SD Military Projects Listed as Possible Cuts to Pay for Wall

Among a 20-page list of military construction projects that may be cut to pay for President Donald Trump’s border wall are nearly two dozen projects at local military installations. 

The Pentagon document sent to Congress on Monday listed hundreds of projects envisioned around the U.S. and world worth around $12.9 billion.

Included in the list were 22 projects at San Diego military bases and installations, including a warehouse facility on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendelton, potable water distribution improvements on Camp Pendleton and airfield improvements projects at both Naval Base Coronado and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. 

The full list of San Diego projects can be found at the bottom of this story or by clicking here

Not all will be subject to cuts, the Defense Department wrote, making it difficult to determine exactly which would be vulnerable.

In a letter accompanying the list, Defense Department officials said they wouldn’t touch items for which money would be awarded by the Sept. 30 end of this fiscal year or for projects like housing. They didn’t specify which would be exempted.

Most of the San Diego projects listed for have already recieved thousands of dollars-worth of funding through the 2019 fiscal year so it was not clear how — or even if — the projects would be affected. 

Democrats expressed hope that by knowing which local projects could be targeted, lawmakers would be likelier to override Trump’s veto of a measure aimed at preventing the cuts.

Trump declared a national emergency at the Mexican boundary last month after Congress limited him to just under $1.4 billion to build border barriers. He invoked a law that would let him siphon other budget funds — $3.6 billion from military construction — to build the structures and fulfill his prime 2016 campaign promise.

The House voted to block his emergency by 245-182 in February. The Senate followed last week by 59-41, including a dozen GOP defections. Both fell short of the two-thirds majorities that will be needed to override Trump’s veto. 

Trump vetoed the bill Friday and the House was scheduled to vote Tuesday on overriding Trump’s veto. 

San Diego projects listed in the Pentagon’s list of possible military construction projects that could be cut for the border wall are: 

Navy Projects:
Camp Pendleton


San Diego

Camp Pendleton

U.S. Special-Ops Command:
Camp Pendleton


Photo Credit: Russell Contreras/AP, File
Source: NBC San Diego

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