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Santa visits Super Scotties


Some Helix students had a surprise visitor leading up to Winter Break! Santa and Mrs. Claus took time out of their busy schedules to visit the Helix Super Scotties, who are Helix students with moderate to severe physical and intellectual disabilities. The Clauses arrived in their red sleigh piloted by Betsy Burgreen, handed out gifts to the students and spent some time taking photos to commemorate the occasion.

“In a time where things are so tough, it was so heartwarming to see the looks on the faces of the Super Scotties as Santa Claus came rolling across the quad perched on the back of a convertible red mustang” said Gabe Fleming, Helix Special Educator. “It was inspiring to watch as he passed out personalized gifts and made jokes with all of the students. This is a Christmas experience that they will never forget.”

The experience was enjoyed by more than just the students.

“I had more fun than the kids did today. It was the first time I played Santa since college at the ladies’ dorm,” said John Geary, Helix teacher. “I was much more qualified in 2020 because I watched five YouTube ‘How to be a Santa Claus’ training videos.”

Super Scotties Santa 2020 7

“Today’s visit from Santa brought so much joy to the students. It’s been a crazy year, so this Christmas magic was that much more special for everyone,” expressed Helix alumnus and current Special Education instructional aide, Megan Robertson. “Kim (Fleming, Helix Special Educator) goes above and beyond to make every experience as wonderful as possible for her students and this was just another example of her generosity and dedication to her students.”

Kim Fleming summed up the day.

“I am so thankful that Helix is filled with such an incredibly supportive and generous staff. I could not have pulled this off without all of their help,” she said. “From the donation of a Santa suit, to dressing up as Santa, professional photos, lending us a sweet sleigh, to tons of donations for gifts, this event was so special because there were so many wonderful people at Helix who pitched in to make it happen! I cannot express the sheer joy that was felt not only by the Super Scotties, but by all of us staff members who got to be part of this magical day.”

Helix will be on WInter Break beginning Dec. 19 and classes will resume on Jan 6. Happy Holidays to the entire community from Helix Charter High School!

— Jennifer Osborn writes on behalf of Helix Charter High School.

Source: La Mesa Currier

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