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San Francisco Church to Hold Beyoncé Mass

Time to get in formation: a San Francisco church is set to hold a Beyoncé Mass.Yes, really. Beyonce Donates $100K to Four Historically Black Colleges The Vine SF at Grace Cathedral invites parishioners “to sing your Beyoncé favorites and discover how her art opens a window into the lives of marginalized and forgotten — particularly black females.”In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Rev. Jude Harmon, founding pastor of the Vine, said “the beauty of Beyoncé’s music is she explores those themes in an idiom that is accessible to everyone. We can use it as a conversation starter. That’s what it’s designed to be.” Beyonce Has Destiny’s Child Reunion at Coachella Harmon also serves as the director of innovative ministry for Grace Cathedral.Rev. Yolanda Norton, an assistant professor of Old Testament at San Francisco Tehological Seminary, will also be a featured speaker at the mass. Norton also teaches a course called “Beyoncé and the Bible,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Damn! Lamar 1st Rapper to Win Pulitzer Prize for Music Grace Cathedral is the third largest Episcopal cathedral in the country, according to its website.Mass is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. April 25. For more information, visit Credit: WireImage
Source: NBC San Diego

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