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San Diego students march in hopes of getting the San Diego Unified School Police Department defunded

The group’s list of demands doesn’t stop there. They also want money reallocated to social workers and more teachers of color among other things.

Defunding the police, as a response to angry citizens and pacifying that anger is not a solution. If the real thought is to push budget dollars to other services that will further stabilize a city, it may even be reasonable. The police are a SERVICE to the city. Their management should be our target as a society. Whether fund or defund any service, the objective is to insure that the service is sustainable and still provided. It should seem obvious that a city can’t go completely without policing.

Chula Vista has, what might be, the best police service model in San Diego County. Under Mary Salas, the police force has a powerful open communication channel with the citizens. Sure, there are complaints, but that what a complaint system is for. The force has outreach people that do their job well and generally most people feel comfortable. 

Simply put, what you DON’T want is a police force that acts as muscle to clean up. If your city is here, there are bigger problems that extend beyond the police. Going back the first paragraph, maybe the people know something that city government doesn’t get yet.

Cities are dynamic growing, expanding and learning entities. There’s no static plan, Static plans are really about control and when the people smell control, they revolt. The only solution is to apply better management. VOTE!

La Mesa, like Chula Vista, has a small and tight police force that could be more interactive and communicate with citizens. It’s important to maintain peace and allow citizens to feel comfortable in their city and their homes.

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