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Editor’s note: In the weeks leading up to the March 3 pri­mary election The East County Californian will publish Q and As provided to congressional candidates.

Tell us a little about yourself, where you live and why you are running for Congress.


My name is Lucinda KWH Jahn, I am 58 years old and live in Es­condido. I am an entertainment industry professional. I work setting up lights, sound, video and scenic elements for corpo­rate events, concerts, and the­atrical events. I’ve been a full-time mom, a part time theater technician, and a small business owner.

What motivated Lucinda to run for congress?

There was a time I could ex­pect my representatives to be responsive to the people they represented. Recently, however, it’s become clear to me it’s no longer the case. My representa­tives are not accountable to the citizens of their district or state, but to their party, donors, and lobbyists. I committed to run­ning for the congressional seat to give the constituents of the 50th District a non-partisan choice. The people deserve a represen­tative who is solely accountable to them.

The last election was extreme­ly disappointing to me. I had no viable choice on the ballot for Congress. Duncan Hunter was under indictment and the Demo­cratic candidate sent me cam­paign flyers saying, vote for me, I’m not under indictment. “I’m not under indictment,” is not a philosophy of governance.


I own a home in El Cajon and work in mort­gages. I have extensive experi­ence in real estate, agriculture & food and beverage. I’m am 43 years old a single man never married with any kids and am father to dogs, cat, chickens and fish.

I took up this mission when I realized that only career politi­cians or career candidates some of which do not currently reside in our district were attempting to continue with the same beat policies which have not served the community, district or na­tion in the past.

What are your top three priorities at the national level and how do you expect to make an impact?


Implementation of my “UCSA” Universal Civilian Ser­vice Agreement

  • Two-year commitment for all eligible 18-24-year-old civil­ians
  • Open to anyone over 24 years of age civilian/military service
  • Social benefits eligibilities and incentives
  • Healthcare, education cred­its, small business loan, housing loan

Ending homelessness within two years in America

  • Opening of mental health facilities
  • Conscription/compulsory en­listment to UCSA 2 years civil­ian/military
  • Safe and secure rehab/thera­py for mentally ill for life
  • Tax incentives/permit ex­emptions for developer/investor
  • Purchasing of all for profit prisons in America
  • Civilian job placement/edu­cation credits for work history

Climate and our Food

  • Re-appropriating funds in current Farm Bill currently $1 billion
  • Elimination use of EBT (food stamps) at all restaurants
  • “Small farm” credits ($1 for $1) goes back to the farmer
  • Removal of large farm sub­sidies (size subject to discussion)
  • Common Coop farm stands across America
  • Tax incentives for Agrihood developers
  • Tax incentives for commer­cial conversion to solar/agricul­ture


Health Care: The Af­fordable Care Act is a 906- page piece of legislation, it needs to be repealed. National Debt: Over 20 years ago I had the rare op­portunity to discuss the national budget with the then director of Budget Issues Paul Posner in the Government Accounting Of­fice for over an hour. He warned me, that if we kept on the tra­jectory we were on, my children would not be able to afford to leave home until they were 40 years of age. Sound familiar? If nothing else, I want to be able to inform the American public about how our money is being spent.

US Patriot Act

The US Patriot Act is an egre­gious assault on our individual liberties, it needs to be repealed.

What makes you the best candidate for the 50th District and why?


The “Zero Donate” can­didate.

Politicians ask for your mon­ey, time, and support but not for your input on how their policies affect you or your family. Your voice is important, and you have a right to be heard. People vot­ing is still how our leadership is chosen and all I need is for eligible voters to vote for me. I don’t need millions of dollars to run for office. My integrity is not for sale. My decisions will not be influenced by how much money someone has. If I were to accept donations, it infers to some, they are entitled to more access to me, and more opportunities to inform my thinking.

As the Zero Donate Candidate, I will be accountable to the peo­ple I represent. I will not be be­holden to donors, corporations, party affiliations, or religious organizations.


I believe I would be the only candidate to have the abil­ity to relate and work with any party in the White House, Sen­ate or Congress regardless of the election outcome. My outlined plans are backed by the Trump administration, Republican and Democratic senators and con­gresspersons.

I’m the only candidate that has a real plan to change the way we are governed and allow the people to take the power back. I am the only candidate who will be beholden to the people’s ideas not the parties far right or left leaning national committees’ agenda!

I cannot be bought, sold or processed by any cooperate/po­litical/personal interest

I will be the only Congress person too busy to dial for dol­lars or stop working to campaign the district to keep my position in office. If I’m doing a good job write my name on the ballot.

What would you like to say that is not covered in the above questions?


You have many choices in this district, so I ask you to please stop. Consider what each one of us has to gain from “your” nomination “Cui bono” who stands to gain?

If America or you your family and your neighbors are not top of the list, ask yourself what is their end game?


No Party Preference voters make up 26.39% of Cali­fornia’s 50th Congressional Dis­trict according to the California Secretary of State, Report of Registration as of Oct. 1, 2019, Registration by US Congressio­nal District. Make your voices heard and vote in the March 3, 2020 primary. I am fully aware of the belief a vote for a non-par­tisan candidate is a spoiler vote, however, that fear keeps us cap­tive to a two-party system. The No Party Preference demograph­ic is growing and now is the time to break the bonds of partisan­ship and make our voices heard.

Source: East County Californian

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