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Poll Covers #MeToo Movement's Effect on Gender Inequality

About half of U.S. adults think the spotlight that the #MeToo movement shined on sexual assault and harassment has helped address gender inequality, according to a news NBC NewsSurveyMonkey poll.Fifty-one percent of respondents said it was helpful, while 20 percent said it led to unfair treatment of men and 26 percent said it made no difference. Three percent gave no answer. Beach Communities Push for Short-Term Vacation Rental Rules A higher share of Republicans who responded to the poll (37 percent) believed the #MeToo movement has led men to be treated unfairly than independents (18 percent) or Democrats (7 percent).The movement has ended the careers of many powerful industries in many industries, from Hollywood to Congress, as men like Harvey Weinstein were accused of serial sexual misconduct and women like Ashley Judd, one of his accusers (he denies it) said “time’s up.” Man in Hospital Gown Found Dead in Hillcrest: SDPD Photo Credit: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images
Source: NBC San Diego

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