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Men crash truck into La Mesa store, steal ATM

Several men stole an ATM from an AM/PM store Sunday, La Mesa police said.

At least four men dressed in hoodies backed a gray Ford F-250 truck into the store on Massachusetts Avenue and Waite Drive at about 3 a.m.

The suspects loaded the ATM into the back of the truck and took off eastbound on Waite Drive.

Here’s a funny thought:

Unless the back of their F-250 is lined with lead and has a camper shell lined in lead, they’re in for a surprise! ATM machines, or at least decent ones, are equipped with GPS and reserve batteries. If we assume the police act quickly on this, they should be able to find and recover the ATM and ideally the people responsible.

Crime doesn’t pay, stealing an ATM is about the stupidest crime one can commit. The damage to the business and its closure, a tax paying entity that supports the local community, is important. The amounts of money in an ATM and any personal enrichment derived is so small and insignificant I hope they catch these people and prosecute them.

If you have any information on who committed this crime, call the police and let them know.

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