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Man Tried to Get in Truck with 2 Young Girls Inside: Report

East County parents are on alert after learning of reports of a man aggressively trying to get into a parked truck with two girls inside at the Sportsplex in Santee on Thursday.Beau Branton, the father of one of the girls inside the truck, described what happened. March’s First Winter Storm Brings Scattered Downpours “When they saw him come to the side of the truck they locked the door. As they locked the door he was yanking on the handle trying to get in,’ Branton said.The 13-year-old was with her friend when they saw the man walking close to the truck. Peepers Taking Upskirt Photos of Women at UC San Diego: PD “When he realized he couldn’t get in he just stood and stared at them for 15-20 seconds,” Branton added.After he walked away the young girl tried to go get help, but the man popped out from behind a car where he was hiding and started chasing her. Lilac Fire Quickly Halted With Teamwork, Preparation: Report On Friday night, Branton was still shaken up knowing something like this happened so close to him.The family filed a report with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (SDSO) and they’re asking if you know anything to give them a call with that information immediately.Photo Credit: NBC 7
Source: NBC San Diego

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