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Love Caravan Walks to Border to Show Compassion for Immigrants

Hundreds of clergy and congregants from the Los Angeles and San Diego Episcopal Dioceses walked to the border wall as a symbolic gesture of compassion for immigrants suffering from social injustices.

On Saturday, the caravan started their journey in Los Angeles and ended at the San Diego Border.

They stopped at 14 predetermined points along the way, depicting the stations of the cross to represent Jesus’ walk of suffering.

One of their stops was at St. John’s Episcopal Church, in Chula Vista, where they reunited and voiced their empathy to immigrants.

“The wall is a reminder of a huge wound, something that we need to heal. The separation of families is something that affects so many people of this country,” said Reverend Nancy Frausto from the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.

Frausto, who is the first Latina reverend for the Los Angeles Episcopal Dioceses, is a DACA recipient herself.

“This event, aside from being personal to me, is a reminder for all of us how important it is to be in action,” said Frausto. “There are over 700,000 Dreamers in this country who pray and hope that one day they can go back to their country of origin and meet their grandparents and be able to come back to this country.”

The caravan ended at the border’s Friendship Park, where a blessing and communion service was offered to show unity.

To view more information about this caravan you can visit their website

Photo Credit: NBC 7
Source: NBC San Diego

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