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Jewelry Stolen from Carmel Mountain Ranch Home

A  Carmel Mountain Ranch man was asking for help after thieves stole nearly $15,000 worth of jewelry.

A shattered window and broken screen door were discovered by Jeremy Pritchett at his home Friday.

“So, I walked inside that room and I looked at the window and was like OMG that’s it,” he said. “We got robbed.”

He said thieves climbed into the window and went up the stairs stealing thousands of dollars of jewelry, including his wife’s engagement ring. He estimates they broke in between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

“I have not slept for two days just because someone was in my room standing at my nightstand,” Pritchett said.

A neighbor’s security camera was able to catch a man patrolling the area. Police have not confirmed if the man is a person of interest.

Pritchett said this was the man who knocked on his door hours before his home was burglarized. The man was trying to sell some sort of window installation, he said.

“I saw a white shirt not branded with a company, no information and I let it go,” Pritchett said. “He walked away I saw him walk and then I went to the gym 10 minutes later.”

His neighbor across the street said he had a similar encounter with the same man.

“That was odd. I feel like he was casing my place and went back inside and started cleaning,” Ryan Sebring said. “Sure enough later that evening our neighbor came over and said that he had been robbed.”

According to, there have been four home burglaries in the area in just the last 6 months.

Pritchett told NBC 7 the recent events have him considering moving.

“I just want my wife’s ring back,” he said. “Anything else I could care less about. I’m definitely moving too but I just want to get that ring back.”

San Diego police are asking anyone with any information to contact them through their non-emergency phone numbers (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154.

Photo Credit: NBC 7
Source: NBC San Diego

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