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Felon Under Surveillance Leads Police on Cross-Town Pursuit

A pursuit suspect was forcibly taken out of her car by police after she came to a stop on the side of a street in Valencia Park and refused commands to exit her vehicle.News Chopper 7 was following the slow-speed pursuit and hovered above the scene where the driver stopped on the 5600 block of Olvera Avenue. Legendary Surfer Rescues Encinitas Family Stranded in Kauai Within seconds, dozens of San Diego and Harbor police officers were staged behind the suspect vehicle using their squad cars as cover.Behind them, a caravan of more than 20 law enforcement vehicles with their lights flashing flooded the street. 1 Dead After Southwest Jet Blows an Engine Linda Sundry Hopkins, an Olvera Avenue resident, described the police response as best she could.”Next I knew, 20 officers, K-9, pump rifle, you know, yelling ‘Come out of the car! We won’t hurt you!'” Hopkins said. UCSD Doctor Surrenders License Amid Overdose Allegations Other neighbors said that as officers swarmed on the car, they were yelling at them to get inside their homes where it was safe.The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) said the pursuit was initiated by Port of San Diego Harbor Police (HP) in San Ysidro at around 6:30 p.m. The driver, later identified as 59-year-old Annejeanette Crumrine, pulled over after leading police through neighborhood streets for about 30 minutes.Police attempted to coax Crumrine out of her car for about 20 more minutes before a group of around seven officers, including a K-9 unit, descended on the driver’s door.Crumrine was wanted by several law enforcement agencies on multiple felony burglaries and identity theft charges, and was a suspect in multiple South Bay hotel robberies.Hopkins said she was surprised to see a woman taken into custody and that Crumrine “wouldn’t have intimidated” her if she saw on her the streets. After a quick briefing on her rap sheet, though, Hopkins said she’d learned not to judge a crook by their cover.”What? Oh my gosh,” Hopkins said in reaction to Crumrine’s felonious history. “She conned me because she looked plain and ordinary — looked like she’d come from Smart and Final.”HP officials said investigators had been tracking Crumrine since March and actually had her under surveillance when the pursuit started, Sgt. Victor Banuelos said.”Our investigative unit was targeting her because she’s a known felon and we have multiple cases on her,” Sgt. Banuelos said. “We had probable cause to arrest her.”No injuries to Crumrine, officers or Olvera Avenue residents were reported.our investigative unit was targeting her because she’s a known felon and we have multiple cases on her 11. so a warrant?  we had probable cause to arrest her 
Source: NBC San Diego

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