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Fact Check: Trump's Claim That Shutdown Would Hurt Military

Amid signs that the country could be headed toward a government shutdown this weekend, President Donald Trump said the consequences of one would be “devastating” to the U.S. military.In fact, a government shutdown would likely have little impact on the military, NBC News reported. Blaze Bernstein’s Parents Speak Out on Death of Son A partial shutdown, which would begin on Saturday in the absence of a legislative solution, would require many federal workers to be furloughed and various offices closed. But the government exempts federal employees whose job is considered essential to national security, which includes not only the military, but border patrol agents, doctors, and TSA screeners, among others.Members of the military would technically still not get paid until Congress funds the government. But Congress has also treated the military and defense workers differently during previous shutdowns, and it’s possible they could do the same thing this time with separate legislation. Has #MeToo Gone Too Far? Aziz Ansari Story Sparks Debate Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Source: NBC San Diego

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