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Drivers Feeling Pinch at the Gas Pump

Carlos Reyes says it is hard to ignore the increase in gas prices at his neighborhood station.

“It hits your wallet pretty bad,” he said. “So you got to be looking around town to find the best gas prices.

Reyes found the best price at the Supreme Gas station at the corner of Broadway and E Street in Chula Vista. Prices there were $3.39 which is 18 cents lower than the San Diego average.

Still, prices are higher than they were last week and Jerome Gurule noticed.

“You got to deal with, you got to get to and from work, you need the gas,” he said.

Problems at three California refineries are being partially blamed for the increase. Some are performing their annual switch from the winter blend of gas to the summer blend and that is also taking a hit on supply and prices.

The price at the pump has gone up 27 cents a gallon in one month according to the Automobile Club of Southern California.

While prices are higher, when compared to prices from a year ago, however, the price at the pump is only up 6 cents a gallon. 

Diego Nicasio wishes there was more he could do to find cheaper prices.

“There’s not much I can do like wait till it comes down, but that’s not an option,” he said.

Photo Credit: Bob Henson/NBC 7
Source: NBC San Diego

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