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Dozens of Potholes Reported During Winter Storm

Dozens of potholes were reported to the city of San Diego during a winter storm that pounded the region with rain.

San Diegans using the “Get it Done” app reported more than two dozen potholes within an eight-hour span on Tuesday. In total, the city has received around 70 reports of potholes so far. 

The reports followed heavy downpours on Monday that had the potential to cause flash flooding. 

The city says when it rains, water seeps into the cracked surfaces of the road that, when combined with the vibration of tires, can cause the asphalt to disintegrate and potholes to form.

Crews are working to get the potholes filled, the city says. 

Pete Chiroque, General Manager at El Amigo Tires, says he often sees customers frustrated when their tires are damaged by potholes.

Chirpque advises drivers to watch out for potholes filled with water they can be misleading and end up being deeper and damaging to your car tire.

He also recommends checking your tire pressure and getting a warranty for your tires.

To report a pothole to the city, call 619-527-7500 or use the city’s online Get it Done system.

Source: NBC San Diego

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