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Dozens Evacuate After Downtown Condo Building Floods

Dozens of downtown San Diego residents had to evacuate their condominiums after a water pipe broke on the roof, flooding the 14-story building. The pipe-break happened Sunday at 5 a.m. at the Diamond Terrace building on Ninth Avenue and J Street.

Several residents woke up to the sound of water gushing through their ceiling.

“I went out, went to the elevator and saw water pouring through the elevator shaft,” said evacuee Andrew Newman.

“We went to the stairwell on the north side of the building, but that was completely flooded too. There was water pouring down the stairwell,” Newman added.

San Diego firefighters were able to shut off the water, while San Diego police helped evacuate more than 100 units.

“My particular side of the floor, it’s just flooding throughout the floor. It’s already under the hardwood,” said resident John Hill.

A few hours after the evacuation, some residents were allowed to return to their condo to pack up some clothes.

“We’re just unsure of what to do and what to grab. Are we gone for 20 minutes? Or are we gone for three days? That’s the dilemma we’re dealing with right now,” said evacuee Matt Shobert.

The American Red Cross set up an evacuation center in case evacuees needed a place to stay.

No one was injured by the flooding or during the evacuation.

Source: NBC San Diego

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