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DMV Targets Unlicensed Car Dealers


We have all seen them, cars with for sale signs on the side of the road. But the sellers of many of those cars aren’t the real owners. They are unlicensed car dealers looking to sell unsafe cars in hopes of turning a profit.

Law enforcement officials at the DMV call it “curbstoning,”

Oftentimes, the cars have hidden damage, tampered with odometers, and salvaged titles.

On February 6, DMV agents assembled for a sting operation on a 43rd Street in National City, an improvised car lot for unlicensed dealers.

“Many of these care have been bought at auction or from people that are selling their junk cars at a low price,” said DMV agent Armando Rodriguez.

The problem, said Rodriguez, is buyers have no recourse if they are sold an unsafe car. More importantly, many could be put themselves and others at risk by driving a car that isn’t roadworthy.

“Not only are you clueless as to the history of these case but you can’t even trust the mileage.”

During the sting operation, agents had ten cars towed, and cited four people for illegal car sales, which carries a fine up to $500.

Juan, who wished to use only his first name, was one of those cited.

“They are used vehicles and, I mean, everyone is just trying to make a living,” Juan told NBC 7. 

He added, “Selling a stolen car or or one that had something wrong with it, that I can understand but I would think they have got some better things to do than this.”

Source: NBC San Diego

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