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Coronado Residents See Uptick in Mosquitoes

The coast of San Diego is buzzing with people wondering what they can do to keep mosquitoes away.

From Del Mar to Coronado, coastal residents are noticing an uptick in the number of the biting bugs.

Coronado residents, however, were not used to the bugs, especially for those enjoying summer nights outside

“This summer was definitely worse than last summer,” Michelle Henry said.

Henry, who was out enjoying the evening with her son, are not only dealing with the number of mosquitoes but also the frustrating bites they leave behind.

“Like the size of a quarter like a welt,” she said. “The first time I got bit, I thought it was a spider bite. But then when everybody who was over that day had some kind of bites I thought, “Oh, the mosquitoes got us.”

Henry tries to make sure her family is safely protected. She uses tea tree oil on her son’s sunscreen as a kind of repellent. It’s something many on the island are dealing with.

“My best friend every time she opens the umbrella on her porch she says dozens come out,” Henry said.

The mosquitoes are even affecting those inside wanting to enjoy a summer’s breeze, but instead, are having to close their windows to keep the insect out.

“With the bugs, it’s been so bad that everybody is blasting AC and complaining about the electric bill,” Henry said.

The CDC recommends using an insect repellant containing DEET to prevent mosquitoes from biting. Click here to see which brand-name repellent works best.

San Diego County Vector Control has been actively spraying areas of San Diego to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

The agency reminds San Diegans to get rid of any standing water on their property where mosquitoes can lay their eggs, such as rain barrels, bird baths, tires and pet bowls.

Photo Credit: Alice Barr
Source: NBC San Diego

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