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Chula Vista Police Drones Help in Close to 60 Arrests in First 5 Months

Drones are in the skies of Chula Vista and helping police investigate complaints, according to video released Wednesday by the Chula Vista Police Department. 

Two drivers were arrested in February after a drone was launched to Park Way following the report of a driver trying to run down a motorcyclist. 

In the video, a vehicle appears to turn toward the motorcyclist, coming close to hitting the bike. 

Soon after, a Chula Vista police officer arrives to the scene and begins to investigate the complaint.

The drones, equipped with cameras, have been used in more than 400 incidents in the first five months of the program, according to CVPD. They attribute 59 arrests to the new tool.

The technology assists police officers and the Chula Vista Fire Department in “critical incidents” like searching for missing persons, traffic collisions or wildfires.

In the incident captured on video in February, the vehicle driver was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. The motorcycle rider was also arrested for having a stolen motorcycle. 

CVPD maintains that its drones will not be used for random surveillance, and the department will be required to obtain consent or a search warrant to use the drones in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.

The department’s policies and procedures for drone use is available to the public.

Photo Credit: Chula Vista Police Department
Source: NBC San Diego

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