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Camouflaged Boats Pose New Threat in Illegal Drug Trade

New vessels designed to evade detection with a low-profile radar signature, camouflage and speed pose a new threat to the U.S. Coast Guard’s efforts to keep illegal drugs out of the U.S.An example of the newest tool being used by illegal drug smugglers was caught in the eastern Pacific Ocean on Nov. 30, according to USCG officials.  32 More Flu Deaths in San Diego Brings Tally to 174 The low profile boat was painted green to blend in with the ocean. In its hold, guardsmen found more than 3,000 pounds of cocaine. Cartels are also using varying drug smuggling routes, according to USCG officials.  Hermes Heist: $500K in Items Stolen at Fashion Valley Store More than 97 percent of cocaine bound for the U.S. and Canada is brought from South and Central America via ocean waters.U.S. Southern Command and the Canadian Armed Forces are planning to demonstrate new tactics they are employing to find and stop these vessels on Thursday in San Diego.  Oceanside Police Officer Struck by Driver Returns to Work Photo Credit: U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area
Source: NBC San Diego

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