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Beach Communities Push for Short-Term Vacation Rental Rules

San Diego beach communities have joined forces, trying to put pressure on the city to regulate short-term vacation rentals. San Diego Coalition of Town Councils; made up of the Clairemont, La Jolla, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach Town Councils met Thursday to go over recommendations for the City to help regulate short-term rentals. Fla. School Shooting Survivor Hailed as Hero Back in ICU “What we’re trying to say is that we need to limit the number of short-term vacation rentals, so that you don’t fundamentally change the neighborhoods of San Diego characteristics. We’re not trying to keep them out,” said Ann Kerr Bache, President of the La Jolla Town Council.The Coalition requested the City start putting restrictions in place; like limiting the number of short-term rentals allowed for each neighborhood and a permit system to keep track of the number. Also, implementing a 24/7 Nuisance Response Plan that will hand out fines for violations, like too many noise complaints for one rental. Are Bulletproof Shelters the Answer to Gun Violence? Carla Sterling thought she’d be living in her Ocean Beach rental for several years.”I wanted to live at the beach as sort of a bucket list thing,” she said. US Companies Take a Stand, Raise Age to Purchase Guns That all quickly changed when within just a few weeks; the property was sold and the new owner gave 60 days to all current tenants.”He was going to turn all three cottages into vacation rentals. So I had to get out,” said Sterling.The recommendations for the city would have to be voted on by the City Council to be put in place.The Council failed to vote on changes for short-term rental policies in December of 2017.Photo Credit: NBC 7
Source: NBC San Diego

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