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Aromi brings ‘authentic’ Italian cuisine to La Mesa

Aromi held its grand opening in La Mesa on May 22. A new Italian restaurant, Aromi combines the rich traditions of Italian cuisine with a modern twist. One of Aromi’s highlights is its tableside presentations of selected dishes, adding an interactive element to the dining experience.

“At Aromi, we are passionate about bringing the essence of Italy to our guests through our cuisine and charming ambiance,” said Francesco Mancino, partner/chef “We have meticulously designed our space to create a seamless blend of contemporary and classic elements, providing the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience.”

Aromi owner Andrea Carbonaro said Chef Mancino is his cousin and they wanted to open an authentic Italian restaurant.

“We love the La Mesa neighborhood and area,” he said. “We are making authentic Italian food. We have authentic Italian pasta from old Italy. Carbonara from Rome, pasta dishes from Sicily, so it is not just cuisine from one place in Italy, but from all over.”

Carbonaro said patrons can choose what pastas they want as a side, and they make tiramisu at the table.

“Making tiramisu at the table is one of our specialties,” he said. “All our plates are special. “We do not make American Italian infusion,” adding that they use authentic Italian recipes for all its dishes. “Our chef was a chef in Italy, then came to work here. He created the menu for Aromi.”

Aromi offers both indoor and outdoor seating options, allowing guests to savor their meal in the ambiance of their choice. The outdoor seating area, particularly popular, offers a sunny spot to indulge in delicious Italian cuisine while basking in the warm California weather.

Aromi Restaurant is located at 7200 Parkway in La Mesa. To check out menus, visit

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