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Anti-police-violence protest set for downtown La Mesa

LA MESA (CNS) – A protest against police use of excessive force against people of color is set to take place Sunday afternoon in La Mesa, where the same sort of demonstration two weekends ago spun out of control into destructive anarchy.

The planned downtown demonstration is intended to be a non-violent call for change in law enforcement and official accountability for several widely condemned police encounters that played out recently in the eastern San Diego County city.

“We are Peaceful!,” organizer Tasha Williamson posted on Twitter. “We are Unified! We Want JUSTICE!”

Join us this Sunday! Read the flyers and share them! We are Peaceful! We are Unified! We Want JUSTICE!— Tasha Williamson (@LoveForgivPeace) June 11, 2020

Among the demands that will be voiced by participants during the rally at La Mesa police headquarters, according to planners, will be the firing of two LMPD officers — one involved in the allegedly abusive May 27 arrest of a young man near Grossmont Transit Center, the other in the serious injuring by a police projectile of a 59-year-old woman taking part in the raucous protest three days later.

That demonstration began in an orderly fashion but devolved into burglary, looting and arson fires that destroyed several commercial buildings, including two banks.

La Mesa police were “making every effort to reach out to the event organizer for further information to ensure we have appropriate resources on hand to facilitate a safe and peaceful exercise of the group’s First Amendment rights,” LMPD spokesman Lt. Greg Runge told the Times of San Diego on Thursday.
Source: Fox5

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