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Add a Business to’s Business Map

Add a business to the interactive business map. Support local business, add a link to places you love in the community. When a new link is added we are notified, we’ll review it and add it or get back to as to why we couldn’t should it happen.


This is a community effort, everyone is invited to join in the effort.

Here are some participation ideas!

  • Emailing us a community based observation, something everyone should or would like to know about. Always remember, if it is an emergency, call 911 first! Lives are the first priority. These are not in any particular order. Oh and you can send us pictures and videos too.
    • Good news and observations like you are visiting a La Mesa park or local place like the village or farmers market and just feel the need to share.
    • Vandalism
    • Street closure
    • Downed powerline
    • Fire
    • Theft
  • Messaging us about a community event
    • Organization based event within city limits
    • Sporting events
  • Local La Mesa citizen does something great and needs to be recognized!
    • We know how it is when someone does good for one or many and no one ever hears about it. We’ll around here, if it’s in La Mesa and its verifiable, we will definitely carry that story. Send it to us.

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