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La Mesa California

Miracle Babies

Diaper Distribution Registration for Saturday – July 11, 2020.          Source: CBS 8 New feed

Navigating conflicting diet information on the internet

In a single day, you can likely find at least 10 different articles on the same health topic, all claiming to know the “best” diets or the “healthiest” foods. Without being a nutrition expert, it can be difficult to navigate the volume of nutrition information at our fingertips. Even experts…

Warming up to a weekend heat wave

A weekend heat wave will bring dangerously hot conditions to the deserts. Temps well into the 90s for inland areas and up to 120° for the desert areas.          Source: CBS 8 New feed

Hispanic-owned party rental companies taking a big hit amid pandemic

“When our businesses close it’s not just our livelihood that is closing, it’s also our culture,” said Iris Garcia, CEO Hispanic Chamber Commerce. The pandemic has forced weddings, birthdays and graduations to be cancelled –  hitting the entertainment and party rental industry hard. It’s big business in the Hispanic and…

Local brewery adjusts to new county rules amid uptick in COVID-19 cases

LA MESA, Calif – The continued rise in coronavirus cases in California has forced businesses to stay up-to-date with regularly changing rules. Cameron Ball, owner and head brewer at La Mesa, Calif.-based Helix Brewing Co. At La Mesa’s Helix Brewing Co., they’ve shut down and reopened within the first several…

USS Bunker Hill, USS Russell return to San Diego

The ships are part of the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group and departed on a deployment to the region on January 17, military officials said.          Source: CBS 8 New feed

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