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8 Times Larry Nassar Could Have Been Stopped

At Larry Nassar’s sentence hearing, the 156 women who gave testimony chiding the former Team USA gymnastics doctor were just as angry at the institutions he worked at for ignoring decades of opportunities to stop the abuse.Larissa Boyce, was a 16-year-old gymnast at a Michigan State University youth program in 1997 when she and another girl told coach Kathie Klages they were uncomfortable with how Nassar put his hands inside them, NBC News reported. Klages “interrogated” the girls and told them they misunderstood what Nassar had done. Trump Praises African Leader After White House Dustup In 1999, MSU staff referred runner Christie Achenbach to Nassar for an injured hamstring. She was shocked when he rubbed her pelvic area and penetrated her with his fingers. She told her coach who, she said, told her he was a respected doctor and she should trust him.Through 2015, there were at least six other times when women say they reported Nassar’s behavior but were ignored, allowing him to continue abusing them while racking up a list of new victims. Some Liken Michigan State to Penn State Amid Abuse Scandal Photo Credit: Getty Images
Source: NBC San Diego

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