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OB Skateboarders Think They're Busted, Officer Surprises Them

Skateboarders in Ocean Beach shared a special moment with a San Diego Police Department officer after he tried to do some tricks on one of their boards.Ocean Beach resident Derek Smith, 28, saw the event happen from his window on Bacon Street and took cell phone video, which he posted to Facebook Monday. Thieves Give Woman Their Phone Number Before Taking Wallet “I’ve lived in Ocean Beach for seven years and I’ve seen the gamut of everything with the cops. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cop do a kickflip, or at least attempt,” Smith laughed.  Smith said he watched as the officer approached the group of skateboarders Monday.  Want Wine Delivered to Your Door? “At first I thought he was telling them to move along because that’s what they do a lot of the time in that area,” said Smith. “I thought there might be an altercation between the cop and the kids. Next thing I know I look down and he’s on the skateboard.” In the video, you can see the officer in his uniform trying his luck at skateboarding tricks with a decked out board. National City Proceeds With Lawsuit Against Bernie Sanders Campaign For Payment The officer tries to flip the board a few times, even watching one of the skateboarders execute the move perfectly. Unable to stick a landing, the officer then fist bumps the owner of the board. “It’s good to see some of the community outreach going on there,” Smith said of the officer. “In OB, they tend to be more relaxed but it’s good to see the effort.” 
Source: NBC San Diego

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