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Featured artist: Lois Meyer


Lois Meyer, whose artwork is featured in August on the Foothills Art Association website, has always been passionate about art. She studied drafting, fine art, airbrush, animation, cartooning and graphics in high school and one year of college.

Born and raised in California, Lois moved to Washington in 1989. While there she worked in various types of graphics. When making a letter holder in wood in the image of a friend’s dog she began her career in wood art. Since then, she has made over 75 wood art pieces.

Lois left Washington and moved back to San Diego to help her father. In 2013, she was invited to show her art at Cabela’s, a famous national retail outdoor sporting outfitter. She titled her show at Cabela’s after a humorous phrase her father often said when she was growing up” “Who wants anything made by a girl?” The name stuck.

Lois’s wood pieces are created one at a time out of multiple quarter-inch layers of dense plywood. Each piece is cut, detailed with a rotary tool, glued and vised together. Seams are puttied, primer coated, airbrushed, detailed with colored pencils and sealed with poly spray. Depending on complexity, each piece can take from two weeks to a month to complete.

To view the featured artwork of Lois Meyer, as well as the artwork of other local artists,

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— Linda Michael is editorial assistant of Footnotes, the monthly newsletter of the Foothills Art Association

Source: La Mesa Currier

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