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La Mesa California

Warmer before cooling off for the weekend

Warmest temps of the week come Wednesday afternoon with dangerous heat in the desert. High clouds continue to cover our skies through Friday as temps cool down.          Source: CBS 8 New feed

Protests continue across San Diego County on Tuesday

Organizers said they purposefully didn’t advertise the event online so that agitators and counter protesters wouldn’t show up and hijack their message.          Source: CBS 8 New feed

What to expect if a contact tracer calls you

Tracers need to identify close contacts of a positive case immediately and make sure they do not interact with others.          Source: CBS 8 New feed

Warmer afternoons in San Diego

Temps continue to warm up through midweek. Dangerous heat returns to the desert Wednesday and Thursday. Cooler conditions by Friday with a chance of light rain.          Source: CBS 8 New feed

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